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Studium Generale: NEWS – Mime Performance

We consume a lot of news every day. In the newspaper, on television, on social media. The news tells us what is going on in the world, right?  But what if you tell a lot by saying precisely nothing? In the comical mime performance News, you hear nothing and see a lot. About how the daily news affects ourselves and our relationships. This programme is free and freely accessible. Registration is not possible.

Mime Company is a Ukrainian mime theatre group formed by Kateryna Spodoneiko, Oleksandr Symonenko, Pavlo Vyshnevskyi and Yaroslavna Harmash. In their performances, they connect mime as a traditional theatre discipline with urgent issues. When war broke out, 044 Mime Company decided to continue their art in the Netherlands.

This is a programme by Studium Generale in cooperation with the Durf te denken conference.

  • H0.10, Harry Bannink Theater, Enschede, M.H Tromplaan 28, Enschede

  • 4 april 2024 - 15:45 tot 16:45

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